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"At 20 years of age the will reigns; at 30 the wit; at 40 the judgement." ~Benjamin Franklin | by pimpdisclosure
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"At 20 years of age the will reigns; at 30 the wit; at 40 the judgement." ~Benjamin Franklin

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If you’ve arrived here to read another one of my bullshit stories, stop real quick and look at this picture first. Because today we’re going to play a little game of Pimpsychologist PhD.


Now aside from the fact that the picture rocks, does anything weird pop out at you? When I was staring at this beast tonight, I couldn’t help but notice some very conflicting elements.


Do you see anything?


Here's what I see: The logs in the photo, see them? The ones tied up with metal chains? Those are dead trees. Dead wood. Chained together like cattle. There they sit all round and mighty. Yet the their wistful very much alive lucky cousins stand tall in the distance covered in fog.


And blow me down if the chained up chiseled graffiti written dead logs don’t seem to hold a much more powerful presence than the other things made of “wood” in this photo that just happen to be ALIVE.


I didn’t think about this when I took the photo. I didn’t think about it when editing the photo. But after giving it the Pimpsychologist PhD once-over, I think this is a big reason why this photo is so powerful to me. I think it’s shit like this that occurs to some people naturally. It’s not something you really “teach” but it is more about perception.


In this case, I think my gut reaction when spotting this photo was this log/tree thing, among other shit. The photographers “eye” so to speak. I don’t think you can teach the “eye”. Either you got the fucking “eye” or you just don’t dude.


Do you believe in having a sort of intuition in regards to something like photography or any given trade for that matter? I think you can learn a lot about photography from practicing or even taking a class. But some things you just can't teach.


For example, take a quarterback going from college to the pros. He could be a specimen, a college superstar, all the physical and mental capabilities that should make him the next Joe Montana. But unless he has that "swagger" and can juggle everything that is to be a mega millionaire superstar quarterback, he will likely fail.


You can't teach that shit. Either he has it, or he don't.


Or maybe I'm wrong and everything can be taught because we aren't wild animals? What do you think?


And maybe the dead logs and living trees hypothesis is a crock of shit and has nothing to do with why this picture is good. And then you just wasted your 4 minutes of your life reading this stupid banter bullshit from a guy claiming to be an goddamn Pimpsychologist.


And the worse scenario? The picture sucks too. And I'm wrong about every single thing I wrote.


Oh well, maybe I'll try out that whole quarterback bit instead.


Sincerely yours,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Pimpsychologist, PhD / Photographer / future NFL quarterback


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Taken on March 15, 2009