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365 Day 359**

p-мinusTen Nine Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two ∞ One


Good morninggggg pimp fans! Everyone please give a warm welcome to special guest speaker Sherlock Fedora. Detective Fedora, who has come all the way from Scotland to speak for us, will be initiating number 7 of the p-мinus countdown.

It is simplicity itself... My eyes tell me that you are on picture number 359. Obviously there is a state of confusion among this online community being that today’s date is May 26th, 2010. Yet this very picture of the man with the fedora hat and it’s odd reflection was taken on November 30th, 2009. Hence, you see, my initial double deduction is that you had cheated us when this picture did not get posted that same day. But your method of waiting almost 6 full months has proven wisely dear boy.


Elementary, my dear pimp!




Holy shit! I’ve turned my fedora into a top hat. In the reflection at least.


I think I own like 6 or 7 fedoras, and I’m always looking to add to my collection. Before I started this project, I only owned one. Quickly I began to realize that fedoras, or more specifically brimmed hats, make for fucking excellent self-portraits.


On most days, I would have a pack of smokes and at least 2 or 3 different fedoras with me in my car as the bare minimum ensemble to take my daily shot. In the colder months, I also brought several suit coat jackets just so I could mix’n’match. And there were other on the fly variables that I could change out in seconds with me at all times like type of eyewear, a different t-shirt, etc.


But no accessory really can even come close to the fedora in terms of transforming me back and forth day after day. It adds this element of inscrutability to a photo that is unmet without it.


You know I used to call them “old man hats” when I was younger. Does this mean I am an old man now? I found a couple grey hairs in my hair the other day. Unlike the formally mentioned slight wrinkles, I actually got a little excited about the grey hairs. Not really sure why, but I was.


The shot at hand? I had planned on taking one of my 365 day shots in this conference room with that radical table during the whole project. With only a couple days left, I knew I had to finally bang it out if I wanted that idea to ensue. So I grabbed the babe and went to the office late at night and snapped a few shots. The crazy whacked out reflection effect was thought of during post-edit.


Location: the conference room at my work; Alameda, California

Taken: November 30th, 2009

Posted: May 26th, 2010


**=continued from pimpexposure

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Taken on November 30, 2009