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365 Day 356** | by pimpdisclosure
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365 Day 356**

p-мinusTen Nine Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two ∞ One


Today for p-мinus countdown, we have volunteer guest speaker Bobby Ray pimp from Guion, Arkanasas to do the introduction.

Howdy partner! I reckon that you just step right on in for this here day three fiddy six of ma brotha pimps pictures of himself endeavor. See he alreadys finish snappin' dese fancy pictures almos' six whole months ago! But you know what mamapimp always said, “if ya ain’t gonna do somethin’ right pimpydoll, then you’s don’t wanna be doin’ it at all sweetbuns”


So check out the rare grin. After shooting 355 of these badboys, this is only the 13th time I have showcased a smile for one of these pictures. In case you aren’t the math wizard I am, that is only 3% (plus most of those were in the very beginning).


Why is that? Why am I about to wrap up posting a yearlong self-portrait project in which I almost never smiled. Doesn it portray a positive emotion of laughter and happiness. Undoubtedly these characteristics personify more than 3% of me. So what’s the deal?


Here’s the answer: it’s become generic. For photographs anyway. We have made the smile de facto when taking a picture in our culture. It’s what you been asked to do for almost every lousy picture you have ever taken in your life.


“Say cheese!” followed by some goofy ass smile. It’s like the blueprint for all modern day photographs unless everyone happens to be drunk.


So after a lifetime of smiling, I wanted to deviate from this model. I never felt entirely comfortable conventionary smiling for a photo anyway. But hell if I didn’t have fun smoking all these delicious cigarettes.


The shot at hand? Although here I am not really truly smiling in the sense I’m referring to. This look for me seems about as bona fide real as you’ll get from any of my staged 365 photos . It’s exactly the kind of look I envisioned in my head when I first thought about it. Although after this 1st shot, I tried 30 to 40 times to do it again and couldn’t.


There’s something very “Quentin Tarantino” about this picture that I think makes it astoundingly rad. Thing is I can’t quite come up with the word to describe my body language. Can you think of one word to describe this other than “happy”? I think there is more to it than just that.


Location: Madera, California

Taken: November 27th, 2009

Posted: May 19th, 2010


**=continued from pimpexposure

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Taken on November 27, 2009