lavender with bee

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    This pic of a bee on my lavender bush is my submission for the "Hope" category on "A Certain Slant of Light's" photo challenge "Faith, Hope and Charity."

    In my mind, with all of the challenges that our world is facing right now (Colony Collapse among them), I feel such hope when I see the bees going about their business in my garden. I have hope that this world will continue, that flowers will continue to bloom, that there will be bright days ahead for all of us.

    PS: Can you see my groovy red bike showing through the slats of the fence? Isn't that totally cool!

    1. galendara 81 months ago | reply

      great shot! and beautiful sentiments.

    2. uncommon vistas 81 months ago | reply

      I loved the photo, and echo your feelings. Makes me realize again how dependent we are upon the little things of life, like this unassuming bee.

    3. mind on fire 81 months ago | reply

      I love that you can see your bike back there. It totally personalizes what was already an incredible photo.

    4. vajra 81 months ago | reply

      My soil is caliche and thus won't drain and therefore all my efforts at growing lavender have failed. But I love its straightness and the way the blossoms blur together and the fragrance. Yes.

      "Where the bee sucks, there suck I;
      In the cowslip's bell I lie;
      There I couch when owls do cry
      On the bat's back I do fly
      After summer, merrily:
      Merrily, merrily shall I live now,
      Under the blossom that hangs on the bough."
      ____The Tempest

    5. pilgrimgirl 81 months ago | reply

      Have you tried growing it in a pot? I have two HUGE Spanish and English lavender bushes (4-5 ft diameter) in the ground and two smaller lavenders in pots that I intend to transplant into the ground eventually. The ones in the pots are thriving.

      I find that lavender and flowering mint are the biggest attractors of bees and butterflies to my garden. The lavender I love, the mint...not so much.

      FWIW, I used to have that section of The Tempest memorized--it's one of my fav Shakespeare plays.

    6. DJ Fortune 81 months ago | reply

      This is very beautiful! Nicely captured.

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