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Behind a white feather

Mosaic of Gigi, my golden glass ~ 100 times Behind a white feather Twins Curves Rim Dragon's lair Ribbonstract Upside down Best on black (L) Wild and wonderful scarf Under the orchids Denizens "I can handle this" "Let me give you a handle" Swirl fine aa have holiday Board walk At the corner... Kids in tow Bottoms up mosaic

My first 100 Possibilities Project...

100 possibilities, I hope, in 2012!
Finished before half the year was up! :)

Denizens of Glass Valley ~

Golden glass, GG (say "Gigi")
GG's twin brother, "George"

Purple pitcher, PP (say "Pepe")

A young couple ~
Lavender bud vase, "Billy Budd" Vase
Chartreuse bud vase, "Flora" Budd Vase

From the rough end of town ~
Turquoise glass slag, "Sly" Slag

You can thank Sly for Sunset at Glass Mt.!

Assorted children ~
Turquoise glass heart, Light Heart "Ted"

And other denizens too numerous to mention...

About the artist ~

"Michigan glass artist Frederick Warren's booth was filled with silver-based glass with a multicolored opaque surface that had been acid-etched."

from www.sptimes.com/

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Judy ** says:

Oh wow, this looks like a great project. Love the item you've chosen.
Posted 67 months ago. ( permalink )

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Kooklamou - MA., USA says:

Beautiful work, Bobbi!!! I love this set! It is awesome!!! :-)
Posted 66 months ago. ( permalink )

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foto G.HAAS says:

A very successful beautiful representation of the artistic glass.
Posted 66 months ago. ( permalink )

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Pik Pix says:

Judy, Ronah, Guenther ~ Thank you so much for your encouragement and inspiration!
Posted 65 months ago. ( permalink )

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