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FollowFriday 2009 | by pikespice
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FollowFriday 2009

Since today is the last Friday of '09, I did something different: I'm showcasing my favorite Flickr pics from the entire year.


1. Blue Steel - a really, really, ridiculously executed shot

2. 42.365 - an absolutely perfect pose, well worth all the dashes w/ the 10 second timer

3. I bet you're sorry about that blurry Bokeh shit now - ingenious photo idea for "Blurry Shit in the Background Wednesday"

4. July 12 day 193 - Karate Kid meets the Blob... what's not to love?

5. You Can Look But You Can't Touch - so insanely out of Boy Wonder's element

6. The Moment I Wake Up - one of, if not the most original idea for a "day 1 of 365" photo


7. Dont just sit there! Go Donate. - hilarious take on a serious cause

8. Ghost in the Machine- Michael Jackson - such a perfectly put together tribute to an icon

9. I make jumping look so pimp! - doesn't he?

10. Day 361: Erykah Badu avoids cosmic rays - just utterly ridiculous

11. Day 247: I can see clearly now... - a retake of an old photo that is worlds better

12. 190:::365 - Tetris - clever spin to that week's "My face is my canvas" theme that looked like it took forever to do


13. 197/365 I am the Green Bean Queen - very funny photo idea spawned by an ordering accident

14. 18/09/2009 (Day 3.261) - Mirror Man - simple yet so surreal

15. The water is your friend. You don’t have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move. (91/365) - um, yeah. ;)

16. day 92: 04/02/09 - hooray for women making clothes out of stuff not meant to be clothes! haha

17. CHiPs 177/365 - hilarious and well done Photoshop job

18. [81.365] Rocking (out) the chucks. - who knew kitty could be a guitar hero?


19. "Bokeh-Berries" AKA Part of My Picture is Fucking Blurry and I Expect You To Be Impressed and Slavishly Lionize My Photographic Skills Like a Pack of Obsequious Sycophants. - photo title of the year

20. I Suck At Life - runner-up for title of the year

21. 260/365 david lee roth called... - 3rd place, title of the year

22. Last Days of.... - very sexy Bench Monday shot in a group not really geared towards sexiness

23. Love The RayFlash - beautiful woman and perfectly done portrait

24. Day 12 (Inside the Photographer) - simple and genius idea


25. What the devil... - she looks so sexy even with a faux moustache, doesn't she?

26. 17/365 human traffic - very awesome processing job on this

27. What the poolboy saw... - voyeuristically hot

28. Blinded by the Light - taking a self portrait at the eye doctor = genius

29. daythreehundredfiftythree - masterful makeup job

30. 266/365 - perfectly done picture for White Wednesday


31. 161; My Personal Oil Crisis* - another simple idea that rocked: posing at a gas pump

32. 06.05.09 - Yes, that's right.... - funny and quite scary shot for TRP's donut day

33. 364.365 - sexy and well done shot for her almost-end-of 365

34. TRP: David Lynch - as MC1 said in the comments: hauntingly beautiful

35. YIP: April 3rd - meh. - a copy of one of my shots, which was a copy of another, but she did so much better than me :P

36. 055. You'll have to tell me over the phone, she said. I checked with my mirror & it told me I was too scary to go out today. - just love,love,love that hair and the upside-down adds flair. (hey, that rhymed! haha)


I'm adding this to TOTW's "Inspired" week since all you Flickrites (not just these 36 but all of you!) really inspired me all year long.


I can't wait to see what to find and follow on Flickr in 2010!


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Taken on December 25, 2009