The 1928/1932 Coventry City Boundary Markers
A journey of eye-opening discovery into the all but invisible Boundary Markers that we pass every day and never see.........except when we start looking for them.
Coventry City's Boundary has been extended at various times; but the extensions, both on April 1st, of 1928 and 1932, were celebrated with sets of the most splendid cast iron markers.
How many still survive? We do not know.....we are still on that journey of discovery.

It seems that the Boundary Markers were removed in the War, presumably to confuse the enemy. Have a look at this photo from the Coventry Library Archive.
Coventry Boundary stones removed during the War

I wonder if they all went back in their original positions, or if indeed they ALL went back.

Current Locations of the known Coventry City Boundary Markers. Total 23.

Parish of Allesley
Junction of Birmingham Road and Windmill Hill. 1928. SP291810
Wall Hill Road.1932. SP305829
Hawkes Mill Lane. 1932. SP 303828
Coventry Transport Museum. Original location not known. (Possibly Washbrook Lane)

Parish of Baginton
London Road, Toll Bar Island. North Post 1932. SP364758
Stonebridge Highway, Toll Bar Island. South Post 1932. SP364757 (Not its original position)
Coventry Transport Museum. Original location not known. (Possibly St Martins Road)

Urban District of Bedworth
Wilsons Lane Woodshires Green. 1932. SP347845
B4113 Bedworth Road. 1932. SP351845
Black Horse Road Canal Bridge, Hawkesbury. 1928. SP358844 (No Parish or District Recorded)
Hawkesbury Lane, Parrotts Grove Junction. 1928. SP364841

Parish of Berkswell
Duggins Lane 1928. SP272779
Broad Lane, Hockley Lane Junction 1928. SP274803
Coventry Transport Museum. Original location not known. (Possibly Tanners Lane)

Parish of Binley
Brinklow Road. 1932. SP379789
Brandon Road. 1932. SP380781

Parish of Keresley
Waste Lane, near junction with Tamworth Road. 1932. SP317824
Tamworth Road. 1928 marker in 1932 position. SP318823
Keresley Green Road. 1932. SP319824
Sadler Road, Halford Lane Junction. 1928. SP322823
Penny Park Lane opposite the junction with Nunts Lane. 1932. SP327832

Parish of Stoneleigh
Stoneleigh Road railway bridge. 1928. SP309746
Kenilworth Road, near Gibbet Hill junction. 1928. SP307748
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