day 31

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    Happy Friday.
    I'm reading articles all afternoon.
    They're for my class on memory development in young children. It's actually a pretty interesting concept when you think about it. How do we know to store information about ourselves in our brains? How do we know what's important and what's not? How do general cognitive abilities influence this whole process? How does our culture affect the way we think about and talk about ourselves and our past? Many studies have found cultural differences in the way children talk about their experiences. No one explicitly says, "Here in China, this is how you should talk about your life." How do the children pick this up? Why can't we (typically) remember anything from our earliest days?
    Most research says that Americans' first memories are usually from our third or fourth year.
    I remember the day Rebekah came home from the hospital. She was in her crib sleeping, and I was taking things from the top of the dresser (I had to REACH) and pushing them through the bars to 'show' them to her. She was asleep. I knew she was asleep. But I was so excited about the new baby sister that I didn't care. I especially remember a wooden rabbit with a little cross stitch in the center. The wood was painted light yellow and there was a circle of wood behind the cross-stitched part to hold it in.
    I was 20 months old.

    What's your earliest memory? How old were you? Do you remember because someone told you or you saw a picture of it?

    Fun starts at 6ish!

    ETA: Also, YAY! one full month!

    1. Ginger_Blue 100 months ago | reply

      I remember things very early, but not that good. I remember being young enough that potty training was still an issue. And when my grandmother came to visit when I was about...well...I guess I was about 20 months or so. I know it's not what someone told me because it's like your memory...something I was doing. I was digging in this drawer for a certain pair of tights that I was supposed to wear for my grandmother.

      My daughter, who's seven now, remembers all sorts of things from our old house and we moved from there right at her third birthday.

      It would be fascinating reading. I'm doing Anatomy, myself. joy.

    2. nowalmart 100 months ago | reply

      My earliest memory is from when I was about three or four. My sister had been born (when I was two), but it was before we moved (late my fourth year). It is nice having that cut-off, since any memory from the first house is from before I turned five.

      Anyway, my mother was calling me to dinner, but I wanted to finish watching "Sesame Street". Not much of a memory, but...

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