• Type of ink.
  • Pen used for testing - a Lamy Safari, with Medium nib.
  • Lines, pressing on firmly.
  • Lines, pressing on gently.
  • A fairly random little scribble, to give some idea of line variation.
  • Short and long lines, all done very quickly, *trying* to make it skip. The Lamy *did* skip a little, but it's a fairly extreme test.
  • A block of black, to see how it covers areas.
  • Same ink, applied with a brush.
  • Square block, washed out with water.
  • Ten lines, washed over with water.
  • Painting from the brush used to do the bit to the left. Still enough ink in the brush to paint a bit.
  • Same as above, but for the stripe pattern to the left. Less ink to pick up, so this bit isn't as strong.

Sample - Lamy Cartridge on Index Card

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Testing Lamy ink for review. This is a test on an index card. See the notes for what the bits are. Next pic in the photostream is more testing - same stuff in a Moleskine, and the PigPog Smudge Test.

The plan is to do this same pattern with a few different inks, as a way of comparing. If anyone's got any ideas on better ways of doing it, I'd love to hear them.

  1. murz 106 months ago | reply

    Medium nib? That looked quite thick, though I confess sometimes I couldn't tell B apart from M.

    Love the tests with colour :D Lamy ink as well?

  2. pigpogm 106 months ago | reply

    It's definitely medium, but it does make a fairly thick line. I think I'd prefer a fine, especially for writing in my pocket Filofax.

    There's no colour - the brownish patches are just line and wash - washing over the ink with a wet brush. It goes brown when it dries.

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