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01 Return to Schloss Ferkelstein

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Return to Schloss Ferkelstein

XX century, mid 40's. World War II is bursting Europe. Alpine castle Ferkelstein, placed deeply in the Reich, seems to be a peaceful oasis for the soldiers quartering here. Duty in the garrison is not tough, and in the spare time you can visit the 'Wild Deer' inn, placed on the market square of the nearby town – Ferkelstadt.

In the last days the peace of this area has been disturbed however. Specialists of the enigmatic and evil SS Paranormal Division had been delegated to the castle. They brought mysterious boxes and established a digging site on the cemetery. Apparently they are working on a new Wunderwaffe – the project Übersoldat. Their scientists want to create a supersoldier who would allow Nazi to take the ultimate victory in Europe. They must be close to the success, because new guests appear in the town last days, invited for a ceremonial banquet in the castle.

Fortunately there is someone who can thwart Nazi plans – it is an American secret agent B.J. Blazkowitz (with Polish descendance of course). He is just on his way to the castle in a cable car, dealing with another opponent. For distraction British commando unit will attack the castle from the lake side. Meanwhile a small resistance team will make some sabotage act near the castle main gate.

The diorama was being made for 2 years. Inspirations were taken mainly from the 'Where Eagles Dare' movie and the Wolfenstein game series.

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ecbugga says:

Love this set! Awesome details!
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