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Rotten (Copenhagen bilan?) | by Applestrophe
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Rotten (Copenhagen bilan?)

February apple

Pierre Marcel. February 2000, France.

Acrylic on canvas 19 x 25 inches

Collection Ted Pierot, Palm Beach, USA.


I arrived in France in February 2000.

If the light is crisp, it is not the winter I expected. It's cold, yes, but rainy! It was like a cheap grade school watercolor version of November, without the richness of autumn.

There is an abandoned cider-tree orchard in the middle of my village (Gisancourt). In this cemetery-like ambiance, I walked silently through, and in the coffins of patches of grass that survived the frost of January I picked up mommies of last year's harvest. The desiccated brown apples were the richest colored gems Normandy offered me at that moment.




Posted by Chance Kendall on October 19, 2001

I really like the FEVRIER picture. It is most outstanding. I think the best part is the core of the apple exposing the tree inside. I think that it is a wonderful concept and you should keep up the good work. It also seems very graphic for some reason.


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