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MAERSK HIGHLINER | by Pierre E Fieschi
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Here is my contribution to my favorite holiday : SHIPtember.


The Maersk Highliner MkI is a supercapital sized freighter designed with versatility in mind. The giant cargo bay can hold anything up to frigate sized ships. The Dorsal Bay allows for easy manoeuvering of entering ships. It also features a compact refinery and several processing smart-hatches which can fill every compartment of the upper hull with any kind of resource, ore, fluid.


While very simple in design, this gigantic ship has been equipped with a dual state of the art Roll-Royce Warpdrive, allowing it to eco-efficiently travel great distances at very improved speeds compared to its ancestors.



Work this year was crazy so I had to build this thing in 5 days , while deviating from a completely different initial design. It was really intense and by the end , my back hurt like crazy. Some of you might have noticed this is an interpretation of Maersk's Triple E class vessel , with a simple, straight forward design , and state of the art engines. Obvious inspiration was also homeworld 2 crew transport ships.

The entire upper part is built with tiled stretched baseplates, and the lower part is a sturdy studs forwards brick wall that is strong enough for the upper baseplates to bend.

The entire , 184 studs long ship (about 150 cm) , is completely hollow and smooth inside which is something i'm very happy about.

It seperates in two clean parts for transport to various exhibitions this year.


In the future I will be making a 200+ studs long version (MkII) by adding roughly 20 studs in the middle.


Enjoy, and happy SHIPtember everyone!!

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Uploaded on September 27, 2015