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Mrs. Longipennis again...

...and much, much better viewed large.


Good morning everyone. On this chilly morning here I wanted to post something that reminded me of spring - summer versus fall and the soon to be upon us winter. The above female Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis) was photographed in early June on a warm late spring day when the sweet clover was in bloom. Big change from then till now in just a few short months.


With dragonfly season essentially all but over here I'd thought I'd post a list of all the dragonflies I photographed this year. Just the damselflies...


1) Common Pondhawk

2) Common Baskettail

3) Black Saddlebags

4) Blue Dasher

5) Banded Pennant

6) Calico Pennant

7) Arrowhead Spiketail

8) Prince Baskettail

9) Slender Baskettail

10) Widow Skimmer

11) Halloween Pennant

12) Eastern Amberwing

13) Common Whitetail

14) Slaty Skimmer

15) Spangled Skimmer

16) Unicorn Clubtail

17) Lancet Clubtail

18) Swift Setwing

19) Twelve-spotted Skimmer

20) Blue-faced Meadowhawk

21) Autumn Meadowhawk

22) Green Darner

23) Lance-tipped Darner

24) Shadow Darner


The bad news was not being able to get any photos of either a Red or Carolina Saddlebags, which were far and few between this past season. I also was unable to get a single pic of a Wandering Glider...a big failure on my part. Also disappointing was not seeing a single Great Blue Skimmer...very disappointing.


The good news was adding six (6) new dragonflies to my lifetime list. An Arrowhead Spiketail, Prince Baskettail, Swift Setwing (very rare for here), Blue-faced Meadowhawk, Lance-tipped Darner and the Shadow Darner. Not my best year in the total number of different dragonfly species photographed (which was 27 in 2010), but a very good year in terms of adding six (6) new ones to my portfolio.


Thank you for visiting...and I hope you have a very nice day and weekend.




ISO400, aperture f/11, exposure .004 seconds (1/250) focal length 300mm

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Taken on June 11, 2011