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Sophia Playing the Harp

As part of Sophia's homeschool curriculum, I suggested that she learn to play an instrument in addition to the piano (either one that could be played in the orchestra or band).


Sophia picked the harp. Today, we went to Musicmakers - a company that sells a variety of harps and other string instruments.


This is a 31-string harp that is 54" tall. It weighs about 24 pounds so it's pretty easy to carry around...just awkward.


This particular harp has all the levers on it already.


The strings are different colors (e.g., C is red, F is blue) which helps you find the string you need play much easier.


Both Sophia and I know how to play the piano. She has taken over 8 months of piano lessons while I have over ten years of lessons.


Knowing how to read music - especially piano - is very helpful when playing the harp since there is some similarity between the two instruments.


In fact, Sophia has been using her easier piano music and teaching herself to play the harp already.


We also learned how to the tune harp today. It' a whole new world of music and learning!

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Taken on May 13, 2011