Roti (Indonesia) 1995
During my bicycle-trip from Bali to Timor in 1995 I "passed" the island of Rote (Roti) I took the ferry from the harbour of Kupang (West-Timor) to Pantai Baru.
On the south-west coast there is Nemberala where Australians come to surf. It was not the place where I felt happy. I preferred much more Papela at the other point of the island. No tourist at all! Only friendly locals!
I spent some days at a private house in Nusakdale. They liked to change their little village into a "Kuta" (Bali) Hopefully they failed .... People who can read Dutch, are most welcome to read my published story about Nusakdale for free (!) at:
These pictures are not placed in a special order. Just enjoy! Realize that the pictures are taken 12 years ago! A lot have changed since then!
Selamat datang di pulau Rote!
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