Nias (Indonesia) 1993
On the first of January 1993 I bought a brand new Thomson mountainbike in Tandjung Karang/Teluk Betung in South-Sumatra and cycled all the way up to Lake Toba and beyond to Berestagi.
From Sibolga I took the ferry to Teluk Dalam on South-Nias and stayed a fortnight in Lagundri (near Jamburai) at a fisherman's family. I joined them in all their activities and learnt a lot from them! I didn't come to this place for surfing!
I visited some original "Niha"-villages, I joined a local funeral and a Muslim wedding!
I "sold" my bicycle in Teluk Dalam and took the local bus to Gunung Sitoli in the north of the island. I really missed my own bicycle there so I rented a very old one and visited Siwahili, another original village, totally different from the ones in the south.
After a week's stay in Gunung Sitoli I took the PELNI-line back to Tandjung Priok (Jakarta-Java)
Some months later I published a booklet in A4-format (with a lot of colour-pictures) about my "quite personal" experiences with the local people on this very interesting island off the Sumatran west-coast. It's written in Dutch but may be I will have it translated into English in the future. I sell this booklet to support the "saved" kids of all of my dearest friends, I lost during the tsunami in December 2004. All raise of the sale of this booklet will be granted to my foundation "S-3-O" (Stichting ter Ondersteuning van Onderwijsprojecten in Ontwikkelingslanden) to help the local people in building up a new life and especially for education-support to the orphans. Please, buy my booklet or donate .... (just send me an email for more details about my foundation "S-3-O")
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Still .... enjoy my Nias-pics but do realize very well that the great disaster, which took place two years ago now, has taken the life of some of my dearest friends, shown on these pictures!
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