Heartbeat United 26th - 30th May
A small batch of pictures which I hope captures a little of the atmosphere from just 2 hours in this attempt to break the world record for the longest football match, the target is 105 hours, the equivalent of 72 matches. 36 incredible people make up the teams which at the time of posting have already played for 3 and a half days.
They have played through thunderstorms and torrential rain. They are helped by an amazing team of volunteers and about 100 match officials.
Two teams, one goal Heartbeat United World Record Football Match raising funds which will be split between the British Heart Foundation and the creation of a football facility which will benefit the community. This has been organised in memory of three local footballers who lost their lives so very young. Matt Grimstone and Jacob Schilt were victims of the Shoreham Airshow crash. They were simply driving along to play for Worthing United when the disaster happened. Matt Chaplain passed away from a cardiac arrest at the age of 38.
From a personal point of view I would like to just pass on my appreciation of what an amazing amount of effort has gone into this event, by players, officials, organisers, helpers and sponsors and support services.
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