Remembering Mum Brooklands 7th Mar
Keith and I had a terrific day at the Brooklands Museum, commemorating our late Mother's 100th birthday. She was very proud of her war work with Vickers, stitching the fabric covering on the control surfaces of Wellington bombers, like this one. It was a true workhorse of the RAF throughout WW2. It was good to see an adjacent exhibit about fabric work too. The 1930s airship design heritage is quite evident in this picture. Nearby, there is a Hawker Hunter, also quite fitting as Mum worked for Hawkers in Kingston during the 70s, this time processing shipping orders for spares - mostly for Hunters and Harriers still in service then. We had a grand day out, and it was good to take in Concorde, the London bus display, and motor racing exhibits as well. Nice to chat to the volunteers too (including the one who kindly took this excellent pic). Now raising a glass - Happy Birthday Mum - never forgotten. Words by Keith
Here's a selection of the pictures we both took.
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