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from Lake Powell to Glenwood Springs 174 | by no body atoll
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from Lake Powell to Glenwood Springs 174

Galloping Goose RGS #1 replica at Ridgway Colorado Rail Mail Train/Truck at the Raiload Museum. Made from a 1926 Buick!


Imagine gliding on rails, metal on metal, in a regular car - or bicycle (or a rail bike). Pure efficiency. No wasted rolling resistance from tires. That's why trains use less fuel than planes, cars, trucks or ships.


Amtrak doesn't own it's own rails and gets most of it's costs paid from it's 31,000,000 annual riders, it's $1 billion subsidy only a small part of it's total cost. However far bigger subsidies are given to roads and airports. Gas taxes only pay 40% of the cost of building freeways the other 60% from the general fund. State and local roads are entirely subsidized by taxpayers, even ones who don't drive. Airlines don't pay for the airports - we do. Public transportation has to compete with heavily subsidized private transit, but would be cheaper per trip and per mile if all subsidies were cut and the true cost of driving and flying would be exponentially more expensive. But which senator in their right mind would agree to cutting ALL subsidies? Which group of voters wouldn't want costs spread out to all users?


View every Amtrak train on the live map!

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Taken on June 22, 2007