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Milwaukee Road 261 Skytop Observation Lounge Car from Farmington to Calgary 329

Roof windows inspired by beaver tail!


This is Super Dome #53. The historic Milwaukee Road - Hiawatha - Cedar Rapids, Skytop Observation Parlor Lounge Car from 1948. The Minneapolis Minnesota group of rail fans that maintains this occasionally has it pulled to all kinds of neat places on the back of an Amtrak train or the 261 steam locomotive they own. Yes, you can actually ride in it today!


It's got a long name, but here's the breakdown: Milwaukee Road was the regional railroad that owned the train. Hiawatha was the routes MR owned that this train ran on. Cedar Rapids was the name of the train.


Anyway, Milwaukee Road had 2 kinds of Skytop Observation Lounge Cars. In both, the rear seating area you see was the same, but on one variation, ahead of this area were swivel parlor chairs (this car) or blocked off sleeper cabins (not this one). MR had more Skytop Observation Sleeper Lounge Cars made than Skytop Observation Parlor Lounge Cars. So this one is even rarer.


Here's the interior with the blue parlor chairs ahead of rear seating area...


And here's a couple of 1955 partial views (not mine) of what the sleeper version looked like...


The exterior of this train is also nice. (not mine) -


And here's some youtube videos of the train...


And the website for the train is Get your tickets! you can still ride it!


Skip to 20:30 to see this car


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Taken on July 16, 2008