Stand Out.

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The title of my school's year book... My friend suggested it should beconform instead.

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  1. ElianneK 79 months ago


    i like the tilt of this photo. :D

  2. elizabeth156 79 months ago

    i like the penny and cam you need to sign mine soon

  3. Cameron Cassan 79 months ago

    thanks yall!
    okay elizabeth! i never know what to say in those... and it's so heavy this year that i haven't even taken mine out of my locker since we got them so nobody has signed mine!

  4. amanda.gamble 79 months ago

    Haha I like it.
    you have so much pennys!

  5. kkkkarl 79 months ago

    very cool with all the penny's and nice message


  6. TomConger 79 months ago

    It's a cool idea, but the silver coinage is kinda orangey, so it took me a bit to figure out why the penny was special. Maybe a white balance or curves fix? Nice DoF, too!


  7. Ashton Dixon 79 months ago

    I agree the silver coins are a bit discolored, but its a great concept.

  8. Athena Marie Dolci 79 months ago

    Awesome shot! If I could make one suggestion, the silver coins look like pennies so it's hard for the penny to stand out. Other than that I love the concept, I love the angle, and I love the green tint towards the corners. Nice work!

  9. Cameron Cassan 79 months ago

    i used coins bc I decided they would be obvious differences and one kind would really "stand out".... but apparently it didnt work as well as i had hoped.
    there's only one penny. i altered the contrast some. see what you think now. does it still look like all pennies?

  10. Montana Sadler 79 months ago

    super fabulous idea! :D
    really like this.

  11. alice; 79 months ago

    original :) really like it.

  12. Xm- 78 months ago

    very very creative.
    adding it to fav.

    I found this photo because you asked me to Explore My Photostream

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