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EVE online's custom Scorpion battleship | SHIPtember 2015 | by Brixnspace
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EVE online's custom Scorpion battleship | SHIPtember 2015

The first Scorpion-class battleship was launched only a couple of years ago, and those that have been built are considered to be prototypes. What has been garnered suggests that the Scorpion is crammed to the brink with sophisticated hi-tech equipment that few can match. This ship's design represents a radical turnaround in Caldari philosophy, particularly when compared to that of the regular Scorpion-class counterpart. Abandoning the concept of an electronic warfare platform, this vessel's creators instead set their sights on direct combat, with superior shielding and offensive capabilities giving this monster the undeniable upper hand in a vast range of tactical situations. This unique model represents a refit pirate version of a Navy issue Scorpion.



Max Velocity: 103 m/sec

Mass: 103,600,000 kg

Volume: 468000 m3

Capacity: 650 m3



Powergrid Output: 11000 MW

CPU Output: 780 tf

Launcher hardpoints: 6 hardpoints

Turret hardpoints: 4 hardpoints



Recharge time: 1100 s

Capacitor Capacity: 5500 GJ



Maximum Targeting Range: 90 km

Max Locked Targets: 7

Signature Radius: 465 m

Scan Resolution: 75 mm



Drone Capacity: 75 m3

Drone Bandwidth: 75 Mbit/sec



Length: 130 studs

Width: 120 studs

Height: 70 studs

Weight: approx. 22 lbs / 10 kg :D


Thanks to for providing their 3D models to the public. This really helped me out realizing the Scorpion.

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Taken on September 29, 2015