Smart Optical Slave Flash Trigger

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    The schematic of the smart optical slave flash trigger.

    Details here:

    1. SteveSnaps 62 months ago | reply

      Very neat. Have you seen the Strobit project? It's arduino/ATMega based and allows remote control of the power output of the remote flashes via a radio link by using fire/quench timings on the hotshoe trigger.

    2. PicMax 62 months ago | reply

      Steve, yes I have seen it. I am trying to build a system like that as well.

    3. MarkB139 61 months ago | reply

      By happy coincidence I've just got myself a lpcxpresso (arm based microcontroller board) and then I found your articles. I'm going to try and implement this. My remote flash (yn 460) doesn't have a quench pin which would have been good.

    4. PicMax 61 months ago | reply

      Mark, you should be able to do with other micro-controllers. The key is to get fast ADC conversion.

      You don't need a quench pin. Set the flash to manual mode and only a trigger signal is needed.

    5. MarkB139 61 months ago | reply

      The microntroller on the board has fast ADC.

      I thought it would be nice to control the power remotely from the camera.

      After a bit of googling it turns out the YN460 has a 8051 type microcontroller built in - though mine doesn't trigger too well (they haven't read your blog :) when using the Nikon CLS mode

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