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Plane crash | by pickled_newt
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Plane crash

Photo of David Eun , a survivor .


Just my ramblings about this crash .


This news got me few days ago . This was Asiana Airlines which crashed

at San Francisco Airport , 2 died. It must be real frightening experience

to be in it .It can be life changing even to those who made it to survive.


In this photo , survivors were coming out some with their hand carry bags. Lucky they

were still able to get hold of them, opening the overhead compartment in midst of real horror and intense panic-stricken passengers scrambling to get out of the plane.


This just caught my attention as I boarded Asiana Airlines during this

latest trip to the Philippines of last May - June 2013. On the connecting flight

from Seoul to Cebu, I bumped into few Filipinos coming from the US . Many used

Asiana Airlines route from San Francisco to Seoul and back.

It made me wonder, there must be few filipinos on board this airline

especially connecting back to San Francisco. I hope majority of passengers

survived and recovered from sustained injuries and mental trauma .

I must admit everytime I fly , whenever the plane goes through prolonged

air turbulence , it always cross my mind - will this be the one ?

But according to accounts , this crash wan't due to mechanical failure,

then what's it about ?


Accident is accident . It's so unfortunate being on the doomed

plane / doomed path.


I do think to live each day like it's my last day, and be ready ,

spiritually clean as I may face my creator in a moment I don't

expect . Most of us never knew when our appointed time exactly

will be. It's good to be prepared at all times , being certain we are

in the right path of our salvation through Jesus Christ alone.


I start the day with a prayer and end my day with a prayer too .

On travelling I always pray for strong hedge of protection and

that for my trip will go smoothly. For christians who understand

the neccesity of binding and casting out of demons / curses and

many forms of attacks including casting spells from witchcrafts --

would not find this strange at all , that we have to do it

everytime / everyday . Every Spirit filled born-again christian ,

washed by the blood of Jesus unto salvation should know this

and have this in practice. The more you get closer to Lord , the more

the devil acts upon you to get and set you back to

darkness of sin and confusion. But cast them out , burn them to

cinders through the blood of Jesus. Spirit filled christians are always

in a spiritual war , as we are the targets as time is reeling into age of



I have the same conviction as other Spirit-filled born again christians we

are in the time of great change .Time of great apostacy and hate against

God and his true believers . Many forget God in their own ways. Majority

of people loose the fear or have reverence of God. And for many they think they

worship God, goes every Sunday to their churches but only

worshiping the wrong God, rather bowing their knees on idols

and demons without knowng it . I also do agree as others feel the same,

that demonic portals from hell are now open wide due to many many

Satanic sacrificies and ceremonious rituals performed with the cloaked

of entertainments and fun for the unsuspecting as

the Super Bowl or the London Olympic ceremony . Musicians and

media and even fashion chains flaunts overwhelming symbolism

of the dark age through designs and musical tunes loved by many

in the name of fashion and arts .

I am even relluctant to say this on this flickr page, but then in the name of the service of

God I should do it , to encourage awareness to people of the time we are in.

We are in the last of days , it's time to prepare , as we have entered into

evil times and God's big judgement is coming to the unrepentant.


By declaring your given authority through to the blood Jesus Christ

you can cast out demons . We all need to consecrate our paths clear through

the blood Jesus and take on the armour of rigthteousness through Christ

( Ephesians 6:12). Having hidden sins / sinfulness will create make

portals / access for demons to attack you or your family, your health, realtionships,

your general interests , finances , jobs or your travels etc . Now it

made me wonder had this particular flight of Asiana Airlines from Seoul to

San Francisco had any Spirit filled Born-again christian on board ?

But it is still a victory that despite such disaster many escaped,

it could have been real fatal one with no survivors.

I am not implying physical death is defeat , unless you have Jesus in you

it doesn't matter, in fact leaving this body is a victory . But for those who

were not saved by the Salvation only through Christ Jesus this would

have been a great disaster. As we knew where the unsave go.


The strong hedge of protection of God is upon his children when

they ask for it. "Ask and it shall be given to you " , we need to

ask. If you don't ask it you will not get it . If you ask the wrong thing

that makes you stumble like askng for a BMW / Bentley to show off

or winning a lottery jackpot so you'll be rich , you think God will

listen to that ? That's your heart geared for covetousness dear friend,

and simply love of material things/ love for the world and isn't for the

glory of God but ones own personal agenda of greed , living high life

with the Joneses doesn't give God the glory.


God did protect my trip leaving London, as hours after my

plane took off there was a big problem at Heathrow. A British

Airways plane caught fire on air and have to land back . Great security was

around Heathrow at that time . Soon approx 200 planes

stranded at Heathrow. Think of the big crowd of stranded passengers

at that time waiting to leave , I could have been one of them . But God

did make my trip pretty smoothly . I left not long before it all happened .

My journey was without any problems at all , Praise God !!!!!!

God is so good !!!!!

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