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    I guess the photo could represent the fact that these new devices, while incredible and extremely useful, are sometimes so convenient, they actually enslave their owners. As someone who loves his iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro, I happily succumb to my enslavement...

    This shot is a two-stager and continues the trend of me not caring how dorky I appear in my photos...

    First, I bought a cheap piece of 18" x 24" Plexiglas from a home goods store. I then set up two SB-600 units on either side of my tripod-mounted camera and set the flash power low (don't remember the settings...). I then used one hand to hold the Plexiglas against my face while pressing into myself as hard as possible...

    This was more difficult than I initially thought due to all the reflections which are associated with taking photos through glass. Eventually, I knocked out a decent-enough shot and moved to step two.

    After importing that first photo into Aperture and slightly fixing it up with a crop and other minor adjustments, I synced up my iPad and brought that image up on the display.

    I then set my trusy SB-600's on either side of the iPad but behind the screen to eliminate any glare and turned the power down so that they essentially aren't noticeable unless you were to see the test shots which I took without them. I then worked with the shutter speed on my camera, as varying shutter speeds seemed to either cause or eliminate distracting screen lines over my face. Finally, I settled on an f/4.5 @ 1/13th of a second. I know, this is weird, but faster shutters were giving me problems so I just held very still...

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    1. marbarsal 38 months ago | reply

      This is great. :)

    2. ¤ Chris ¤ busy 38 months ago | reply

      Very clever love it !!

    3. Brunno.Dubrovna [deleted] 38 months ago | reply

      awesome! it is so well done, I thought it was an ad. wow!

    4. rishibando 38 months ago | reply

      This is beautiful.

    5. Fatima~ ♥ 38 months ago | reply

      Very creative! I love it :)

    6. Terry -Pueblo Paradiso 38 months ago | reply

      Enslavement?...prey tell what might that be....

      What a Marvelous piece of artistry!!!!

    7. ngairenaran 38 months ago | reply

      wow - creative and even more creative....thanks for the explanation too!

    8. michealmanganphotography 38 months ago | reply

      love this so inspiring

    9. snc145 38 months ago | reply

      My father used to do this, thumbing his nose at people. He's in Heaven now. Sincerely, Steven. snc145.

    10. Sadloafer 38 months ago | reply

      Someone told me about your work yesterday, so I have come to have a look. Some stunning work here, thank you for sharing.

    11. Shellni93 38 months ago | reply

      iPad, iPhone, Macbook Pro AND a Nikon D700... a lot of expensive toys you have sir
      Anyway, great photo :)

    12. Misadon Cueros Argentinos [deleted] 26 months ago | reply

      This is a funny great idea to play with my kids !! thank you !!


    13. dishachatterjee 16 months ago | reply

      love this picture!

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