Shinjuku In Motion


  • Jeremy Barwick 5y

    This is really cool! Wow, now I want to do something like this for my neighborhood!
  • Jason Combs 5y

    Nice man! I really love that part of town. So much to shoot. =)
  • Andy 5y

    Tony, you have a eye for motion and movies in addition to your still image skills. My videos still look like home movies.

    Very nice!
  • Martin Nieto 5y

    Love the girl part too!!
  • Carl Chen 5y

    Awesome video and music !!
  • Sandy Su 5y

    I really like that percussion music. Did you do that? I thought you were keyboard, but maybe you're multitalented.

    The video could have worked really well with this music, but it didn't seem to be edited to it. The change of picture should be on a beat so they work together. They should have coordinating rhythms, IMHO. Thus I got drawn into the music and sort of forgot about the image sometimes. I hope you don't mind me making suggestions for improvement. I usually don't, but I seem to be in that mood tonight.

    As for taking some photos of Lodi Point, we are expecting a snowstorm tomorrow, and the steep road down there would be treacherous. I usually don't go there till the snow is gone, but maybe I'll give it a try, just for you.
  • –tradewinds•> 5y

    interesting comment
    I actually thought for a change I would let the cross rhythms of the footage and the music "have at it"
    I prefer, as you know by now, to have very tight cuts as in Tokyo 2009.
    But in a way this time I thought the music and the footage demanded something freer.
    Thanks for the input and do try to get to LODI
    It is one of my favorite places anywhere...
  • Cindy Zackowitz 5y

    Way cool! I like the way the video and the music are both so restless.

    Not bad for a days work :))

    Yep, my weekend was just fine. I even got some badly needed fresh air
    after spending my last days off pretty cooped up.

  • fotophriendly 5y

    It played this time. Very cool Tony~!~ I remember driving on the left!:)
    Gr8 footage and syncing up!
  • Chris Thomas 5y

    this is too cool!
  • Jim Nix 5y

    fabulous, very cool, awesome, FAVED!
  • I will be on and off - 休憩 ¡sʞɔns ɹʞɔᴉlɟ-hiatus time! 5y

    motion indeed
    nice tune Tony-sensei
  • *Sashinka* 5y

    That's a wonderful Impressionist Shinjuku video!! Well done!!! I especially like the unusual and humorous beginning of the girls' shaking legs!! It really KICKS!!!!!!! :D Just got back to Taipei late last night. Will catch up as soon as I can, dear Tony!!
  • candy4nication 5y

  • Ross Togashi 5y

    So much activity, sight and sounds! From your video I can see why a number of photographers like to photograph in Shinjuku. I do like your take on it!

  • lovelydovee 5y

    i love it ! this was a great clip of nightime life in shinjuku ! :D perfect music to suit the evening happenings when everyone is still so busy. love it. :O
  • Shadows Oliv 5y

    Really big Work & Big Thanks Coz it's great To Feel Japan again !

    the cut be very great according with the speed of Sounds !

    I can't wait to be in October to walk around here again ^^

    i put this link of FB page for share with all friends

    Cheer Again !!!!!
  • DenaP :) 5y

    It's wonderful! Love that you were able to layer the street sound with the music and yes the percussion works really well at reinforcing the energy everywhere. In one of the first clips, a girl comes out of a store walking really quickly - that must the buzz of the place, everyone on moving so quickly and at night.
  • Guy McCarthy 5y

    super sequence and editing - especially like the girls and the cook
  • humbletree 5y

    even though we were just there last month, I keep coming back to your videos to relive similar memories
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