3d pan white

Immaculate Height

Johnny get a hold of your life

Wherever I go your face is in front of me

But you won't believe it.


Holding up the end of the line

There never was a crack in the ice

You won't believe in it.


You are a diamond set

On an Immaculate height, set.


Bury your end of the wire.

Lying awake in the hours and the emptiness

Want me to run from the days we are living in?

You'll only get a look at your life when you're leaving it.


And then the silence says

When you wrestle your plight

When you lie on your back with your eyes on the firmament


Your burning mouth, your blazing eyes, c'mon.

If you believe in it.

It's a respectable life.

The police on the beach will find nothing is innocent.


Johnny get a hold of your life.

Stop on the edge till the animus drains away.

Or follow the loneliest road

Run in the dark til the light comes screaming in


Through the silence says

You are alone on the ice

And you stand on the banks to find nothing is happening.



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Taken on February 17, 2012