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Timelapse video of me cleaning up my room

to those new viewers from digg or - i didnt call this video "how to clean your room in 90 seconds". the person who linked to this video did. so cut me some slack. the actual video is longer, so yes, at the end of the 90 seconds the room is not clean! but i guess you figured this out already by reading the actual comment.


thanks, CHDK


video composed of about 3000 images, taken with Canon Powershot S3IS with the CHDK software and an Intervalometer script. About every 1,5 seconds 1 shot. Stitched together with VirtualDub, also a great free software. I chose the background music from a random pool out of my cds, it really is a coincidence that it fits so well with the flow and framerate (25 fps) of the video. especially when i down the first bottle of coke.


why is it that Flickr only allows 90 seconds.... this sucks. this video is about 20 MB in size and 2 minutes long. so i can upload 150 MB to have it downsized and ugly compressed and also cut down in length to 90 seconds? so what did i have to pay the pro account for again? the video feature is more like a free service... seriously, i dont understand this limitation.


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