Digital Dendrology
I’m fascinated by how things are structured in nature. This year, I have begun taking samples from the branches I collect, and preparing slides for viewing under a microscope. After identifying the type of tree to which the branch belongs, I use a digital camera attachment on my microscope to photograph the samples.
Piecing together over fifty photographs for each sample, each final image is a 100x magnification of a glimpse of life not seen by the human eye alone. They become abstract structures reminiscent of any number of things.

An integral part of my process is research. Through the use of photographs, leaves, twigs, and fruits, I am able to identify what kind of tree I am working with. Extensive notes allow me to locate the trees on a map so I can return to that exact
location if I wish to do so. Included with my digital cell photographs, I have chosen to display those objects which
were so vital to my understanding of my source.

~ Jordyn Meredith, 2006
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