banh troi - floating cake

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    Flavour of floating cakes

    The custom of enjoying floating cakes on March. 3 dates from King Hung Dynasty. On that day, people often offered floating cakes and other offerings to their ancestors and deities. The way of expressing their respect and gratefulness to their beloved and supernatural predeccesors seems an long-lasting one sleeping within each Vietnamese.

    March 3 offerings, simple and strictly austere, includes a dish of purely white grapefruit flowers and a plate of marble floating cakes. Take a small piece of the cake, you can feel the freshness of well-done omochio and the charming fragrance of its sugar fillings.

    Omochio and sugar fillings are the main ingredients. The recipe for marble cakes sounds quite simple but it 's not easy to make well-tasted pieces. Omochio, first, is moulded with water. The amount of water should be of a moderate ratio, otherwise the omochio become too glutinous or too dry. The pieces of "mochi" having sugar fillings inside are rounded and boiled. When the marble pieces float onto the surface, put them on plates. The flavour and fragrance, then, get you know that they are ready to be served.

    The secret of floating cakes lies in sugar fillings. The best ones are cooked in Lu Village, Thanh Tri nothern province, which looks like viscous and yellow "sweet soup".

    Comes 3rd of March, Vietnamese family, enthusiasticly and bustlingly, prepare for a pot of floating cakes. Then, you can see joyness and happiness on their faces.

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    1. LUQ2006 95 months ago | reply

      wow, must be delicious!

    2. ajpscs 95 months ago | reply

      joyfulness and happiness if can taste is ONE!
      really looks gooooooD!

    3. kíssme 95 months ago | reply

      How funny you translate "bánh trôi" :D
      You'r killing me with your pic Phuong
      (I transfered here in SG 12 months ago and havent a chance to eat "bánh trôi" yet :((

    4. axiepics 95 months ago | reply

      Your explanation is fascinating. I can almost taste them - they look so real.

    5. Nikinakinoo 95 months ago | reply

      You learn something new everyday, fascinating. They look good.....

    6. ThanhVân 95 months ago | reply

      yum yum ngon qua P a :x

    7. tuxcomputers 95 months ago | reply

      Dam it, you have made me hungry and I can't eat my screen, I am off to raid the fridge...

    8. judwal 95 months ago | reply

      These are little treasures. So interesting in the way they are prepared. Is the cake part made of egg whites? It looks similar to a meringue.

    9. borealnz 95 months ago | reply

      These look so wonderful glistening on their plate, would love to taste one. Thanks for telling us how they are made.

      Thanks for sharing in our "Kitchen Objects" theme thread
      The World Through My Eyes

    10. Hindolbittern 95 months ago | reply

      Fantastic. From the thumbnail the only thing I could imagine them to be were lychees.

      Very interesting. Next, to Google and work out what omochio is!


    11. tomato umlaut 95 months ago | reply

      Delightful. tag2

    12. jfvo 95 months ago | reply

      Great picture, must be also delicious. Thank you for sharing the informations!

      tag3 & taggedout

    13. daligt 95 months ago | reply

      Too late to tag, i'll throw in a tag4 just becuase you made me hungry :)

    14. Rexton 95 months ago | reply

      They look scrumptious.

    15. HL Wang 95 months ago | reply

      I want to try, is it possible to get this during October?

    16. anhtu 94 months ago | reply

      This is one of my favourite desserts Phuong!! I love the little stalls at night selling che banh troi in Hanoi. My mouth is watery now thanks to the photo!

    17. pinneee 93 months ago | reply

      It's "Bánh trôi nước", rite ? hehe

    18. DulichVietnam360° 60 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Bonjour Vietnam-P1/A3-Voting Contest "Áo dài", and we'd love to have this added to the group!
      ngon quá! :D

    19. DulichVietnam360° 60 months ago | reply

      Mời bạn tham gia cuộc thi ảnh đẹp về Vietnamese Food do Bonjour Vietnam Group tổ chức.

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