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DIY grid

We all know grids are expensive. If I make money off my photos and photoshoot I would definitely buy the best out there. But I'm not :( And I'm sure there's a lot of you that are on the same boat with me including those that are just starting a hobby. Out of this comes a DIY idea I got from a fellow strobist ☣ cUKi. Using a black duct tape from Walmart and piece of cardboard as a template, I was able to create a grid for my strip bank. It's pretty simple but tedious. It took me a couple of hours combined for a 12" x 56" stripbank (I'm watching a movie at the same time) but maybe less for others. The downside is if you make a mistake at any point during piecing together, you will start all over again. So you need attention to what your doing. The idea here is to make a round piece of tape sticky side out using a 5.5" x 2.25" cardboard and putting it together halfway alternating it. I suggest to practice it in small scale using a scotch tape or masking tape to get the feel of it.


This is the exact grid for my strip and you can see the price of one (not to mention the low review)



Duct tapes $3.19 x 3 = $9.57 + tax = (2) 12 x 59 grids vs. $127.86


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Taken on February 18, 2012