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Entanglement. | by Kyra Elizabeth
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something that entangles; snare; involvement; complication.


This doesn't make much sense. But I don't think it has to right now. Interpret how you wish. =)

A friend of mine linked me this song for the image. Very very cool, man.


I got tagged by Beckah. Go check her out, peeps. :3


Here are ten facts!

1) I have no clue what I'm going to do when my 365 is done. Sadface. D:

2) I finished the first section of my photography class! Woo!

3) My neighbors sent us a message to move my trampoline into my backyard instead of the front because it's apparently ugly. Sigh.

4) Today I babysat, and traveled into an alternate world where I got locked in four jails and had to fight a giant spider, and kill a robot to get out of! It was really pretty awesome.

5) Wrapped around my head in this picture is yarn that one of my best friends sent me over my birthday last year. <3<3<3

6) Today Abbi and I were going to have a photoshoot, but tornadoes happened! D:

7) I'm obsessed with expansion pictures lately.

8) My mom's closet is my treasure chest. It's glorious.

9) I really really wish I could get a job. I want to get a gorillapod! D:

10) I'm wearing zippers as earrings currently!


I also had a really hard time tagging people. Soorrry peopleee. x:


I've never done a big description like this. Hmmm!


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Taken on March 2, 2012