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Magnetar 1 | by phOtOny teXas
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Magnetar 1

Gamma-ray burst



It isn’t everyday you get to visit a Magnetar, a Neutron Star with an extremely powerful magnetic field.

They emit high-energy electromagnetic radiation bursts of X-rays and Gamma-rays, a truly beautiful sight up close.


My Russian coworker Natasha and I have determined this particular Magnetar has about a 12 mile diameter, a mass 3 times that of the Sun and rotates once in less than a second.


Bursts of very short strong gamma-rays coupled with x-rays have effected us both in a strange manner.

I always thought of Natasha strictly in coworker scientific terms but the Magnetar bursts have me thinking how extremely hot this sexy Russian scientist is.


I’m sure she is also overcome by the bursting emissions as we both have taken off our space suits to be comfortably naked together.


We have determined that this Magnetar will have a short life of about 10,000 years before its strong magnetic fields decay. Fine with me, as the bursts of sexual energy overcome us in very strong throbbing pulses, we both decided on dealing with it for about that long.


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Uploaded on September 24, 2019