PhotonQ-John Bohannon Dance Your Ph.D

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    Discovering a really cool, fun, out of the box and creative TEDx talk last week, with John Bohannon presenting this awesome : TEDx Dance Your Ph.D

    "John Bohannon just wanted to convince a group of drunken scientists to dance."
    ---Elizabeth Weingarten, Slate

    "John Bohannon has found a way to combine the emotion of dance with the excitement of PhD dissertations: It's called the "Dance Your PhD" competition. The rules - recreate your dissertation through interpretive dance and post the video on YouTube."
    NPR-Contest Puts Scientists' Bodies In Motion

    "Before you see the winner in this year’s professor category, you might try imagining how you would choreograph a thesis titled, ” “Resolving Pathways of Functional Coupling in Human Hemoglobin Using Quantitative Low Temperature Isoelectric Focusing of Asymmetric Mutant Hybrids.” Then you can see how Vince LiCata, a biology professor at Louisiana State University, turned this thesis into the dance masterpiece, “A Molecular Dance in the Blood, Observed.”
    NYT-Dancing With the Scientists

    John Bohannon is a biologist and journalist. After embedding in southern Afghanistan in 2010, he engineered the first voluntary release of civilian casualty data by the US-led military coalition. As a visiting scientist at Harvard, he studies the evolution of fame using data provided by Google. His research on the blurring line between the cuisine of man and pet caused Stephen Colbert to eat cat food on television.

    Using an alter ego known as the Gonzo Scientist, he runs the "Dance Your Ph.D." contest for the journal Science, an international competition for scientists to explain their research with interpretive dance. He is the coauthor with Isabella Rossellini of Animals Distract Me, which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. He has a Ph.D. in molecular biology from Oxford.

    Credits for the TEDxBrussels performance:

    The dancers come from Minneapolis' Black Label Movement dance company and from Brussels. Choreographer: Carl Flink and Edward Oroyan. Dancers: Jessica Ehlert, Brian Godbout, Stephanie Laager, Edward Oroyan, Nelle Hens, Camille Prieux, Mariel Blaise, Gapson Nenaks, David Zagari & Marcio Canabarro
    Music: Greg Brosofske

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    1. PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE 40 months ago | reply

      PhotonQ-John Bohannon Dance Your Ph.D2
      How to give an Out of the Box TED talk =)

      PhotonQ-John Bohannon Dance Your Ph.D

    2. solerena 40 months ago | reply

      uff, some really amazing people here... will watch video later:)

    3. msamaclean © 40 months ago | reply

      What a concept! Fun video.

    4. PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE 40 months ago | reply

      Loved the concept too. And the dances...So much fun and creativity !!! =)

    5. solerena 40 months ago | reply

      Watched the video!!!!! Wow!!! Will watch it again and again! Defeat of intuition through experimentation? Politicians dancing? Lol

    6. solerena 40 months ago | reply

      Oh, and these amazing superfluids!

    7. Eppie 40 months ago | reply

      Funny... just last night I dreamed this video... except minus the sound... so it was a bit confusing, even if curiously interesting. Now I see the video in sound and.... I LOVE IT!!! The whole thing! Everything that is communicated there via words and dance.

      Makes me think of a wonderfully funny but seriously helpful video I saw, just the other day, of the dance of arrhythmias (irregular heart beats and how to identify them ). I saw it and thought... this is what we need! Dance as a medium for education and communication! (Particularly good for people who learn kinesthetically - which, according to some educators, includes most of us. Something like 80%)

      And now I see this post! I guess I was meant to. Especially considering the dream I had (what prompted me to look for an explanation here at flickr, I don't know... intuition I guess... haven't been here for a while again).

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