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PhotonQ-Lightning the Sky

Last night storm over France. That was a crazy and beautiful night !!! Something that always makes me wonder about Nature and science, when I see them is that :


How lightning initially forms is still a matter of debate. Scientists have studied root causes ranging from atmospheric perturbations (wind, humidity, friction, and atmospheric pressure) to the impact of solar wind and accumulation of charged solar particles.


More cool facts, I learned from wiki and researches :


-Lightning is an atmospheric discharge of electricity usually accompanied by thunder, which typically occurs during thunderstorms, and sometimes during volcanic eruptions or dust storms.


-There are some 16 million lightning storms in the world every year.


-Lightning rapidly heats the air in its immediate vicinity to around 20,000 °C (36,000 °F) - about three times the temperature of the surface of the Sun. This compresses the surrounding clear air and creates a supersonic shock wave which decays to an acoustic wave that is heard as thunder.


-And did you know how many different kind of lightning their is ? I didn' t ! It' s crazy !

Cloud-to-ground lightning, Bead lightning , Ribbon lightning Staccato lightning Fork lightning Cloud-to-cloud lightning Sheet lightning Rocket lightning (I know someone how must love them lol ; ) Positive lightning ... and one of the most mysterious and controversial one Ball lightning.


But my favorit names are from the Upper-atmospheric lightning, the so called Megalightning.

Reports by scientists of strange lightning phenomena about storms date back to at least 1886. However, it is only in recent years that fuller investigations have been made. This has sometimes been called megalightning.


Sprites, Blue jets and Elves (or for friends : Emissions of Light and Very Low Frequency Perturbations from Electromagnetic Pulse Sources ) See picture on comments


-Ho and Extraterrestrial lightning !!!! Lightning requires the electrical breakdown of a gas, so it cannot exist in a visual form in the vacuum of space. However, lightning has been observed within the atmospheres of other planets, such as Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.


-Notable lightning strikes

1902: A lightning strike damaged the upper section of the Eiffel Tower, requiring the reconstruction of its top


A particularly deadly lightning incident occurred in Brescia, Italy in 1769. Lightning struck the Church of St. Nazaire, igniting the 100 tons of gunpowder in its vaults; the resulting explosion killed 3000 people and destroyed a sixth of the city


August 2004: Lightning strike killed 31 jersey cows sheltering under a tree in Denmark.


-A new word for our vocabulary : Ceraunoscopy

This is divination by observing lightning or by listening to thunder. It is a type of aeromancy. People have also sought to control lightning by conducting rituals or casting spells.


-Man Made - Triggered lightning (Science fiction did you say ?!? )

Rocket-triggered : Lightning has been triggered directly by human activity in several instances. Lightning struck Apollo 12 soon after takeoff, and has struck soon after thermonuclear explosions. It has also been triggered by launching lightning rockets carrying spools of wire into thunderstorms. The wire unwinds as the rocket ascends, providing a path for lightning. These bolts are typically very straight due to the path created by the wire. Flying aircraft can also trigger lightning wikipedia


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