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Two emerging complexities, fusionning into beauty. The first one, the Dandelion Clock is from biology. The second one, the "Artificial Blue structure " is from "The Horizon Project". The biggest Large scale simulation of the UNIVERSE.

Une équipe de chercheurs français, sous la direction de Romain Teyssier, astrophysicien au CEA, a mené à terme, dans le cadre du "Projet Horizon", la plus grande simulation jamais réalisée de la formation des structures de l'Univers.

Here is a French speaking VIDEO describing the simulation results

L'accroissement prodigieux des moyens de calcul permet des avancées scientifiques toujours plus importantes. En astrophysique, la résolution des équations de la mécanique des fluides autogravitants à l'aide d'algorithmes toujours plus efficaces et sur des supercalculateurs toujours plus puissants permet de modéliser la formation des structures de l'univers. "Partant des “conditions initiales” de notre univers, que l'on peut observer directement sur le rayonnement fossile à 3 degrés K (1), il est possible de suivre les trajectoires individuelles d'un grand nombre de particules qui servent à décrire le fluide cosmologique"

The objective of the HORIZON Project is to federate numerical simulations activities with a program focussed on Galaxy and Large Scale Structure Formation. "For the first time, we have performed a simulation of half the observable universe, with enough resolution to describe a Milky Way-like galaxy with more than 100 dark matter particles."

Here is a French speaking VIDEO describing the simulation results

The main objectives are:

-Numerical study of galaxy formation in a cosmological framework
-Develop advanced techniques in parallel computing and in applied mathematics to model galaxy formation and predict their observational signatures, as a function of physical parameters
-Gather renowed experts in computational astrophysics, share their softwares and expertise, and optimize their access to national and international supercomputing facilities.
-Provide to the scientific community, and in particular to the AstroParticle, PNC and PNG communities (both observers and theoreticians), a friendly access to state-of-the-art numerical simulations

Links :
The Horizon Project
The Horizon Simulation Unlocking the mysteries of the Universe

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  1. nels1 91 months ago | reply

    wow! very cool indeed...

    the blue image is amazing...if you put it right up close to your face and stare at it, after an hour or so, you will see appear before your very eyes, the number 42.

  2. PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE 91 months ago | reply

    Let s have a "Thank you for the frozen godogy"-walk, shall we.. =)

    In french there is two very similiar words :

    Daltonien & Dalmatien (in english : Color blindness & Dalmatian)

    Now people who suffer of Color blindness may not see the ...


    But maybe, can they see the KindOf Dalmatian cosmological Theory , behind all this Blue Complexity.. :P (welcome back GODOG)

    I was checking the spell of "to suffer" and GOogleD it (one more strange connection..a sign ? ) and the first link was :

    "Why does God allow innocent people to suffer?"
    "This is one of the most difficult questions for Christians to answer."

    ...Well.. i bet it is ; )

    Than come :
    "All true science and history, if rightly understood, support the fact of God. This evidence is so strong that, as the Bible says: "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God" "
    "Most atheists, therefore, without any objective evidence on which to base their faith in "no God", must resort finally to philosophical objections."

    If i understand... THE EVIDENCE is : "The Bible Say"

    But most Atheists don t have any OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE... since they don t believe in the book....

    We already had some talks on Steve or Gi posts.
    But the more i come across this kind of "endoctrinement", the more i understand Dawkins position against religion.

    I always try to keep an "Open-mind".
    But sometime... and about this kind of non-sens. It seems to me that people misunderstand "Open mind" and stupidity...sorry... "Common-sense Blindless"

    What i "fear" the most about that is the impact on a Global scale... on youngest generations...and the inability for people (to try) to think by themself...

  3. nels1 91 months ago | reply

    DOG GAMMIT!!! i can see the light! i can see the 42!! woohoo!!

    yes, i absolutely agree with you that the problem of religious indoctrination is a serious one, especially of the upcoming generations. as i have said before, political correctness and the fear of offending someone else has really hindered proper discourse and debate on these really important issues.

    i was recently involved in quite a heated discussion on the matter of religion in the scientist photographers group - it is quite lengthy, but if you're inclined, you will find it here.

    and if you really feel like you have a strong stomach...

    the main problem is that people are not educated enough about religion or too blinded to want to see it for what it is that makes it near impossible to have a reasoned debate about the issues.

    *sigh*...i gammit!!

  4. PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE 91 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the links Nels. I went across the pages to have a look to the talk. Didn t read everything but it was as you say....impossibly interesting.. ; )

  5. nels1 91 months ago | reply

    yes, it is waaaay to long for me to even bring myself to read it again too! :)

  6. 88 months ago | reply

    I didn't see the 42. I thought it was a cleverly obtuse reference to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series of books.

  7. crayons121 82 months ago | reply

    Trippy stuff again -- you've got at least a few that belong in a NASA / CompSci publication. Thanks for sharing.

  8. The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller II 80 months ago | reply

    very interesting!

    I've just watched this picture :|

    I have to look at those videos very carefully :p I am not very good at science though :(

  9. PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE 80 months ago | reply

    @ The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller : Happy to know it interested you and catched your curiosity =)

    You know, people often say they are not good at science.
    Because they think it' s all about maths, complex things, complex words and only for S.c.i.e.n.t.i.s.t !!!
    But the truth (at least my truth =P ) is that, we are all scientist because that' s part of what we are. Someone looking for DNA 's mutations on micro-organisms, is the same at the end, than someone looking for his keys through logic. Looking at ants in the garden. Or on how we could make someone happy, start a new project, to question what others think, believe etc etc..

    It' s all about curiosity and looking for answers through our mind and tools. And "knowledge" is what we get by being curious. But it takes time =P So being curious without the answers is already a good thing i think. =) Beside...knowledge is relative, in time, for exemple.

    So being curious is already a big step in being "good at science" =) And I believe, it add more fun, beauty and interest to our life.

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