MSN Spaces has 123 million users and is the world's highest ranked blogging service

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    These are two pictures I took at SxSW earlier this year. Both claims seemed silly to me, so I thought I'd document them for later. I do like that they used a real em dash though in the first one.

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    1. somebear 93 months ago | reply

      123 million users, and it still works like crap. I've given up reading some of my friends blogs since spaces keeps logging me out, and is unavailable 1 times out of 2 when I try to log in again.

    2. julessilver 93 months ago | reply

      yea a lot of my non-techy friends have them. I think some of the appeal is you have your photos and blog in one, hosted by them, which is linked to your email account.
      I too have given up on reading some of them because they are hard to read, and unavailable.

    3. luxuryluke 93 months ago | reply

      Yeah, an em dash with SPACES!?!!?! I suppose that's a style thing of mine…

      "Highest ranked" can be a wonderful tagline, even if there are only a handful of people who ranked it. even if they ARE employees. Even if they ARE sponsored by MSN…
      Of course, I've got no inside scoop about that. I'm just rambling.
      Marketing needs to treat us like the intelligent people we are, instead of consumers who respond to vapid and vague jingles which can easily be misunderstood or spun.

    4. Ms. Jen 93 months ago | reply

      Even worse, Luke, is their in person pitches. This year at BlogHer, MSN Spaces sent two actresses as "Be Jane" girls who wore little outfits and attempted to pitch MSN Spaces as real, authentic publishing spaces for DIY women. It was so scripted that over 300 plus people started talking over them within 3 minutes.

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