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The Obligatory

Buy new (to me) camera, take self portrait in mirror, post to Flickr. Done.


Got this in the mail Thursday from Keh.com, paid a whopping $72 including shipping :) Threw a roll of Kodak 400 HD in it and banged out quick test roll. The 167MT is a mid 80's manual focus 35mm SLR. My first impressions are very favorable as it is very simple to use. In this first roll, I messed with the spot meter a bit which led to me messing up quite a few exposures. That will be a learning curve for me.


The Tokina 28mm lens attached here is not bad either. This isn't a good example of how sharp it is but I have a couple of shots that look decent, especially stopped down. And it only represents $14 of the $72 spent, lol. I have an adapter to fit it to my Canon dSLR so that should be interesting. To compliment this lens, I have my eye on a Zeiss 50mm f1.7 and a cheapie Yashica 135mm f/2.8.


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Taken on May 19, 2011