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Hip Hop is alive and well in Galveston | by photomajik
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Hip Hop is alive and well in Galveston

While wandering in a back alley with Kay in Galveston a couple of weeks ago we saw this Jackalope image on a wall, kind of makes me wonder if it was really there as it appears to have left a "present" behind on the I know most rabbits leave little pellet droppings but this is not a normal rabbit, In case you don't know what a Jackalope is read on.


The origin of the Jackalope has always been clouded by public dispute and intellectual opinions, arguments and strife but, if the truth be known, it was a Texas Aggie scientific experiment gone amuck.


Sometime during the early 1960s, a battery of Aggie scientists attempted to cross a Jackrabbit with a deer, an antelope, and an elk to provide an animal that would reproduce quickly and be equally suited for purposes of hunting, eating and exporting as a profitable commodity.


The first attempt, between an American Elk and a Jackrabbit and the second attempt, between a Pronghorn Antelope and a Jackrabbit failed (producing stillborn non-hoppity wabatti); but the third attempt between an Whitetail Deer and Jackrabbit succeeded to the delight of the Aggie scholarly team. Alas, their joy was short-lived. Within months the first and only successful crossbred Jackalope (Aggies name for the little hoppity wabatti creature) escaped from its Aggie creators and vanished into the wilds of the central Texas Plains and Hill Country


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Taken on July 17, 2012