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Whatha?? Only in Texas......

Coming home from work today there was a little car in front of me and I could see horns on top of whatever was in front of it. If you have ever been to Texas you know there is a certain breed that will decorate their vehicles with horns etc. but they usually are mounted on the front bumper. I have never seen them mounted on the roof before and was intriuged so giving Blondie a little gas we changed lanes and saw.....holy smokes the truck even has a tail! Not only that but as I passed it the truck appeared to have a textured paint job which seemed fitting until I realized it was COVERED IN COW HIDE....the whole entire truck! Then as we got in front of the truck and I looked in the rear view mirror...well I'll be darned the hood has nostrils just like a cow heck this guy really went all out:) I would have loved to get some better pics like sometime when I'm not in traffic, maybe I will see it again. I'd love to tell the long haired bearded dude driving it how cool I think his truck is.

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Taken on July 16, 2012