Much on his mind

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    My friend Michael has wonderfully expressive eyes and takes direction well. He says this is his "book jacket" picture when his book is published...hehe

    1. negtate ages ago | reply

      I like it. Catch lights in eyes etc.
      I'm just not sure if I'm distracted by what appears to be an out of focus fountain or golf trophy on the right side of the pic. I prefer it cropped out.

    2. BigPhilUK ages ago | reply

      I agree with negtate unless his book is about winning the Ryder Cup!
      Seriously the expression and lighting are superb. Well done.

    3. Morningstar Lee ages ago | reply

      Actually, it's a door handle you see in the background, against a pretty bright outside. I agree it is distracting and will have to see how it looks to crop, and crop his elbow as well.

    4. orbityellow ages ago | reply

      really great portrait. I like the black border also, it gives it a professional look. I am not sure if I would crop it or not. I think it sort of works as it is.

    5. last car [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I think the brightness on his elbow is fine, but as i already said on IM, the background is a bit distracting. Apart from that, it's a great b/w portrait, unusual but nice crop included !

    6. Mimi Kat ages ago | reply

      this is well captured, the expression is pricless

    7. Taz-Voll ages ago | reply

      I love this "blown out highlights" look........It's fantastic.
      Kasuqai_sean.....Has a couple of great shots using it.
      Adobe_Junkie Also uses it, to great effect.

      Great portrait!

    8. Derek Arridge ages ago | reply

      Nice portrait Lee. The light on your subject is great but I agree that the background is a little fussy and distracting. I'd maybe have a look at a square crop, I think that could work well!?

    9. justasungod ages ago | reply

      Hmmm is he really thinking or is he bored stiff? I almost get a blankness in the eyes that makes it seem as if he's "tuned out"

      Good shot.


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