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Déjà vu                           [Wilhelmina Square 2/4] | by Bram du Saar
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Déjà vu [Wilhelmina Square 2/4]

The Wilhelmina Square is pretty photogenic pano-wise. So, I took several. One of which is a full 360 and more... thereby experiencing the feeling that I already witnessed and saw that scenery before (which actually is not called déjà vu, but "déjà vécu"). A compelling sense of familiarity, and in addition a sense of " peculiarity " and "weirdness". Something Sigmund Freud called "the uncanny" and often leads to cognitive dissonance. Although in many cases labeled as worrying, for a photographer not entirely bad. Your senses become more focused on the surrounding reality and activity...


But enough of my psychological tittle-tattle, as this is Flickr and not an international forum for psychoanalysis. Back to this pano: Standing on top of "the bridge" (see my previous pano) I took a series of photos for this 490 degree pano. It consists of 43 individual and hand-held photos. Partly HDR.

Due to this large amount, and in combination with high res. RAW-format I used, it took my computer - and it's certainly no slow configuration - approximately 45 minutes to do the initial merging.


The roughly edged end result was a 22597 x 4510 pixel image. After post-production it shrunk to a mere 22382 x 3823 pixels. Actually the size of a proper wall paper design, although it's in landscape style. Anyone interested in redecorating horizontally?

The original file - yep, the wall paper one - is approximately 775MB big. The one I uploaded is only 4,5MB and 6063 x 1208 pixels. I know one can upload up to 500MB+ here at Flickr, but the download rate would become plain stupid. So, you just have to make do with this smaller version. But if you ask nicely, I might send you a link to the original file. But remember, bring tea and cookies for the download ...


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Uploaded on July 20, 2011