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This series is about this man's passion for serving the best Belgian fries. He works in a small frietkot (snackbar), the “nucleus” of the Belgian soul; although Belgians will not openly admit to that. His culinary skills come together in good preparation, tailor-made servings and a whole range of sauces and side orders you can choose from. This makes ordering fries here a genuine experience and no task for the light-headed. The seriousness with which he greets you makes this obliviously clear from the start. Take ordering serious and you will get a serving of serious delicious fries; input is output; so to say.


Why this man turned making fries into an art? Belgians claim that fries or "French" fries are in fact Belgian, but the definitive evidence for this claim is not full proof. So, his passion is actually ‘defending’ the national pride.


His frietkot (called "Jozef") is situated (since 1889) on the northwestern corner of the Vrijdagmarkt in Ghent. Please pay him a visit when you’re in town and have a craving for the traditional Belgian taste. Visiting a restaurant, at such time, will literally ‘rob’ you from understanding the Belgian nature at the base of it.


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Uploaded on May 1, 2008