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    The fantastic thing about endings is that they offer new beginnings. Don’t get me wrong, endings remind us of the fragility of what we have and are often thorny sometimes tender to deal with, but they do offer a glimpse of the new.

    The end of the year for me is a reflective time, I’m another year older, my little ones are turning into bigger ones, I’m nearing a milestone birthday, and I’m back at work ‘soon’, where I will be stepping back onto the path of normal life. I do like to try and take side steps in these holidays, or at least meander as much as I can so what time I have counts and isn’t wasted! But as I said, it’s a new beginning! Time to reflect and make changes, time to look into the distance and make changes that enrich our journey towards the setting sun!

    It’s the now that counts, after all what else is there!

    Oh if I can pull you away from the moment…myself and Tony Spencer are doing a weekend workshop in Cornwall this August, (haven’t discussed dates yet, but will probably be early on). Anyway, if you’re interested drop me a line and I can keep you posted…

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    1. colleen_lanae 27 months ago | reply

      this picture is breath taking, and the pink flowers are so pretty!

    2. xtremepeaks 27 months ago | reply

      both shots appeal to me so much, as I like landscapes, seascapes and drama - these elements are present in both. the tones and calm are great in the defender, but maybe this time I will go for the more dramatic and menacing sky/ocean with the calm of the flowers in the foreground as a contrast.


    3. Astral Will 27 months ago | reply

      Wow--this is the definition of sublime!

    4. Adam Clutterbuck 27 months ago | reply

      I'm torn on this challenge. The challenger is a masterly piece of landscape photography with gorgeous foreground leading the eye into a well composed and exposed scene. The exposure is long enough and short enough to display the effect that the wind is having on that sea (if you see what I mean).
      On the other hand, the defending image catches my eye too. Those numerous poles giving a background to the hut that is both complementary and also giving great interest in their own right. In particular the way some of the reflections bend due to, I assume, the disturbance that the boat that the photographer is travelling on is creating, is intriguing.
      On the whole, the greater interest in the defending image leans me towards a vote to keep it in this case. Certainly I think I would be voting for the challenger if it had targetted a different photo.

    5. jasontheaker 27 months ago | reply

      He he, just because it’s nearly black and white!!!

    6. scott photos 27 months ago | reply

      fantastic long exposure and great detail on the flowers

      Via your photostream on Fluidr

    7. barryvanede 27 months ago | reply


    8. shunvision 26 months ago | reply

      great view!nice work!

    9. acastellano 26 months ago | reply

      I'm with everyone else...this is an extremely tough one to decide. At first I was leaning toward the challenger. It is such a beautiful photo, and technically it is perfect as well. I also at first was not a fan of the stick bisecting the boat in the defender. I looked at them for while, and then looked at them bigger to see the details, and then stared at them some more (there are a lot of worse things one could be doing than looking at these two photos). In the end, I found that the defender kept getting more and more captivating the more I looked at it. The tones are beautiful and there are so many interesting nuances. Not to say there's anything wrong at all with the challenger, I'd just give a slight edge to the defender for its uniqueness.

    10. Adam Clutterbuck 26 months ago | reply

      Unfortunately your challenge in the Highly Competitive-Flickrs 100 Best group was unsuccessful.
      Thanks for participating in the group, we hope you will be back with a new challenge soon!

    11. jonnyb4887 26 months ago | reply

      i feel like i could fall into the photo

    12. quietdancinghorses 24 months ago | reply

      Ahhhh, I enjoy your words here, the image is of course hypnotic. ~k

    13. RCU2 24 months ago | reply

      Wonderful image

    14. Iceland Aurora (Photo Tours) 22 months ago | reply

      Beautiful image and great location.

    15. Jennings photography2011 [deleted] 22 months ago | reply

      A great seascape photo.

    16. dcaramia 20 months ago | reply

      this is beautiful!

    17. rupertilkley 9 months ago | reply

      Fantastic light and colour, my shots at 10am were awful!

    18. SedatPhotography 8 months ago | reply

      stunning shot and great location

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