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Just Humor Me…

First I want to apologies for the self promotion nature of this post, but I have a few things I’d like to mention. In my defense I kind of want to keep track on things, so that when I look back in years to come I can remind myself…(strange I know, but just humor me…)


Anyway moving on swiftly, I was commissioned to write some articles for ‘Amateur Photographer’ and the first of them came out this week. I won’t spoil the surprise, but the gist of the article is about the crazy thing we landscape photographers get up to on our unearthly early mornings. Yea, front page too!!!


I was also surprised to be sent a copy of a supplement for ‘What Digital Camera’ where my rainbow shot has been used to publicize the ‘Take a View’ landscape competition…Nice surprise, although I wished I’d have solved the technical issues in the shot before I submitted it to the competition… (If I’d have known it was going to be picked I would have!!!)


Another thing that I’d like to mention, is that I’ve organized another photography workshop to my existing itinerary of dates to satisfy a participants request, (Malham in the Yorkshire dales). Astonishingly the new workshop was only posted to the site yesterday and I’ve already 2 confirmed places. Must be the summer weather inspiring people.


Ho yes finally, I’ve been licenced for a Russian bank job Enough … said I think; hope your all well…Jason


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Taken on February 2, 2010