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Crunching Sounds

Over the last few weeks I’ve squeezed every possible spare moment to get out in the snow. now usually in the uk the snow only lasts for a couple of days and that’s your entire winters helping, so every time I’ve gone out over the last few weeks I’ve really savoured the experience, viewing it as my last of the season. This way of approaching photography can be problematic, as it places deeper expectations on you not to waist the opportunity, but ironically helps you deeper appreciate the moment. Anyway, it has made me get out more than I would usually, and as it seems, more than your usual amount of photographers have been wondering around, wide eyed, like kids in a candy shop...


So what is it about snow that is so special? Everything just looks just so fresh, clean, unspoilt and different to normal. I love the crunching sounds fresh snow makes when you walk through it, I love the smiles on kid’s faces, I love the way it stimulates my inner child. I love the way light changes, reflects, the unusual subtle hues in the sky after sunset. I love the rawness, the coldness, the innocence...it just makes me want to live in an icy country...


Anyway, talking of snow, sadly due to the adverse conditions I’ve had to amend the Malham workshop this Sunday to Bolton Abbey . It’s ironic that the weather that is most treasured by landscape photographers, has rendered the workshop unsafe. Anyway I’m looking forward to visiting lower Wharfedale again, but this time to help others realise their vision(o:


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Taken on January 6, 2010