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Ecstatic Wonder | by jasontheaker
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Ecstatic Wonder

The human spirit is a very strange and complex thing. Sometimes you can be greatly moved by the simplest of things, (a smile from a stranger, a Childs drawing, a simple act of kindness from an unexpected source), but consequently you can be in a stereotypically wondrous place and feel, tired, stressed, unhappy, pressured into feeling good. The same is true with regards photographic locations. You can be presented with a wondrous vista and find difficulty with photographic inspiration. It really does all come down to your unique personality, your own feelings.


This particular morning there was no question of any melancholy feelings, my emotions were on overdrive with frantic excitement, ecstatic, joyous and childlike wonder. I’m sure the rarity of snow in the UK contributed to my elevated feelings on this, the first snow of the year, but my overwhelming feelings towards it were drawing on childhood memories of overwhelming excitement. My own past experiences were playing a big part in how I was feeling at this moment in time, (even thought I was there for a very different photographic purpose, I didn’t have a sledge and I didn’t make a snow man on this morning), but it is the emotions that I felt there and then, that needed focusing on in the construction of this image. As photographers we not only need to enjoy the experience, but try to tap into these emotions for the benefit of the photographic viewer. Try to consider the way your images stimulate not only your own emotions, but the viewers own past experiences too.


Anyway for me this solitary tree made a convenient graphical composition in eager anticipation of the impending sunrise. My fingers and toes were almost solid ice at this point, but I’m sure Wayne (my ‘almost’ adult photographic companion) found my dancing around trying to keep warm rather funny...Hopefully when I’m old and unable to sprint across a frozen field, whilst trying to set a camera and tripod up with throbbing fingers, frantically trying not to miss this momentary spectacle before it quickly passed, I will look back with rose coloured spectacles, I will enjoy the memories of this morning... I wonder?


Oh yes, I nearly forgot, happy snowball fights and Christmas joy...just keep safe over the holidays, I’ve just spent 24 hours in A&E with my beautiful daughter...(sadly with a broken arm) she is ok now, plenty of pampering coming her way!!!


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Taken on April 26, 2010