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Maxine: Lame Party

I spent All. Day. on this photo. I've been really busy with work lately (Scar and I handled Adam n Eve's Genesis Drive build) so I haven't had too much time to work from my personal inspirations. We finished yesterday so today was my first day off in a while.


I shopped EVERYWHERE for the right dress, found this one at Nicky Ree and it wasn't quite right plus it had the add-forty-pounds-to-your-ass skirt we all know and loathe so I had to work those out of the picture. No sweat. So I made a wood texture and built a gazebo and scoured down a proper looking bottle prim and even -labeled- it. I dug trees out of my inventory and made little snow piles over the horizon to resemble the mountains. Then I made the pose (or rather I made about five poses, this is the one that turned out closest to what I wanted), toiled over windlight's sky and haze settings, and added smoke and extra shadows for effect.


This literally took me all day long and although I wasn't totally dead focused on it the whole time, I didn't do a whole lot else.


It was -great-.


This one's been burning in my head for a while. I'm glad it finally made it out.

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Taken on March 9, 2008