• i think for me the lighting right here is what makes it.
  • Is this? - Daniella Guillen


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Capi Suspension Bridge! ... hey everyone just thought i would say i love to read all your comments so comment lots :) it often leads to me checking out your photogs too :)

This photo is challenging Elan Garreg Ddu Bridge Pano from the pool of Highly Competitive - Flickr's 100 Best - www.flickr.com/groups/best100only/. Vote me in!

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  1. Sienna Rose 65 months ago | reply

    this makes my stomache do a cartwheel!
    so high up.

    I like the fog between the trees

  2. PharaohPhoto 65 months ago | reply

    Definitely a winner!!!
    You deserve another one.
    Found in www.flickr.com/groups/mywinners/

  3. GregMatthews 65 months ago | reply

    Cool shot, can't see it well though without large size

  4. eMMa_bOOm 65 months ago | reply

    Please queue op for an invite at the Photographers Gone Wild discussion thread; I cannot allow you to enter Photographers Really Gone Wild without the invite and I don't have the invite-code present.
    I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience!

    Kind greetings,

  5. wunder_bred 65 months ago | reply

    I would prefer a larger size, but even so I prefer it slightly.


  6. coffeeNcigaretes 65 months ago | reply

    I like this composition more than the defensive one. The light is nice with the dark foreground and the bright background, separated by thin mist. The lovely curve of the bridge ends at close to the strong point.

    Anyway, I don't agree with the pix. name. With this lovely bridge curve and composition, you can never get lost. ;P


  7. Daniella Guillen 65 months ago | reply

    I like the composition but the area on the top left side seems to be overexposed. This seems to be a memory of a nice trip, I hope to be there someday!
    I prefer the ambiance of the defender.


  8. Sighthound 65 months ago | reply

    The composition and tones of the defender are so strong.. this is a nice photo but really isn't up to the challenge.

  9. BrittanyS the UNICORN 65 months ago | reply

    Absolutely love the leading lines the light, the colour. Everything about it. Wonderful capture!


  10. kim streifel 65 months ago | reply

    this makes me want to be there. lonely but inviting at the same time.

  11. RidgeVisual 65 months ago | reply

    A really beautiful image. I love how the trees are veering away from the bridge, almost in fright. In both photos, there is a clear subject but the defender has illustrated it's subject's dimensions and character very very well and I want to know more about the suspension bridge that the photo isn't telling me.


  12. khosey1 64 months ago | reply

    I really love this image; I want to step right into this scene. I think the lighting is probably superior in this one, but I agree that the tones and composition are so strong in the defender's shot that it gets my vote this time.


  13. Joe Leavitt 64 months ago | reply

    While I enjoy this image, especially the leading lines, I keep wanting to see what is lit up over to the left. Perhaps a slightly different angle would have left that area out of the photo. In contrast, the lines and highlights of the defenders image keep my eye comfortably in the middle of the scene and focused on the main subject.


  14. Adam Clutterbuck 64 months ago | reply

    Unfortunately your challenge in the Highly Competitive-Flickrs 100 Best group was unsuccessful.
    Thanks for participating in the group, we hope you will be back with a new challenge soon!

  15. foto d50 62 months ago | reply

    Great shot

    Seen in: creativoh group.

  16. Robert Beltran 62 months ago | reply

    Wonderful picture, very creative!
    Congratullations, well done!!!
    Please accept this award.

    From creativoh group.

  17. Jordan Ettinger 36 months ago | reply

    Perfect photo of cap bridge!

  18. Samyra Serin 35 months ago | reply

    Beautiful inviting scenery!

  19. droflet [deleted] 5 months ago | reply

    the bridge to ? lovely shot so atmospheric

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