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VIDEO: You can't herd cats or street photographers

This man was trying to arrest us for taking photographs in a public place. An uninformed police officer had given him the instruction.




“Someone” has had the audacity to whine to Flickr about some of the comments made under this video. Flickr immediately assumed a supine position and deleted all the comments, not just the ones this person felt offended by. Well, complainant, how about this for offence: You cannot prevent people having an opinion of you. Do you think it will help your cause if you try to silence them? And here’s the really bad news: This video is out of your control. And mine too. The actions of the guard have angered many, to an extent we could not anticipate. The clip has made its way memetically to dozens of web sites, is stored on tens of thousands of hard drives, has been heard on a hundred thousand radios. The more you complain, the more attention you draw to yourself. Instead of trying to hold back the tide, you could learn from this experience. If you don’t see the lesson, let me help you: You cannot push people around without them pushing back. Think carefully before your next move.


I now expect to have my stream deleted, having criticised Flickr. Seems they put more value on a passing troll than on paying [thanks, Stoke] customers.

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Taken on April 18, 2008