VIDEO: You can't herd cats or street photographers

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This man was trying to arrest us for taking photographs in a public place. An uninformed police officer had given him the instruction.


“Someone” has had the audacity to whine to Flickr about some of the comments made under this video. Flickr immediately assumed a supine position and deleted all the comments, not just the ones this person felt offended by. Well, complainant, how about this for offence: You cannot prevent people having an opinion of you. Do you think it will help your cause if you try to silence them? And here’s the really bad news: This video is out of your control. And mine too. The actions of the guard have angered many, to an extent we could not anticipate. The clip has made its way memetically to dozens of web sites, is stored on tens of thousands of hard drives, has been heard on a hundred thousand radios. The more you complain, the more attention you draw to yourself. Instead of trying to hold back the tide, you could learn from this experience. If you don’t see the lesson, let me help you: You cannot push people around without them pushing back. Think carefully before your next move.

I now expect to have my stream deleted, having criticised Flickr. Seems they put more value on a passing troll than on paying [thanks, Stoke] customers.

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  1. Flamelillyfox 73 months ago

    Well done the pair of you for continuing to show this, I hope its changed a few peoples opinions and made people aware of their rights.

  2. i didn't mean to go to Stoke 73 months ago

    Nearly 20 000 have watched this video, 38 000 have seen my photo.
    The story has been read by over 30 000 people in the local press.
    On American websites the story and video has been followed by tens of thousands of people. Over 100 000 people have heard this on Radio 4.

    Attempts to gag us and preventing the truth from getting out there have failed completely.

  3. Bascule the Teller 73 months ago

    This is appalling! I hope you are successful in whatever action you take against this 'security' guard. I am curious as to what transpired immediately after the video too.

  4. James Horan Shoots People [deleted] 73 months ago

    what a fuckin idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a total brain dead gimp.
    I have been in this situation far too many times with bouncers, shop security, American embassey security, military and the police.
    My only advice is to join the NUJ and always carry your ID.
    But good going on keeping your cool. I would have taken him down as soon as he touched me.

  5. 125th_at_f8_innit 72 months ago

    Even a moderate amount of power is dangerous in the hands of the very small-minded. They just enjoy using it too much to resist the temptation, and 99% of the time have a very, very poor grasp of the law. Unless we argue our corner each and every time, we will lose the rights we have.

  6. sinister pictures 70 months ago

    Why don't local NE togs flash mob the area, I'm sure the security thugs will be stupid enough to provide plenty of interest to photograph/video?

  7. Liberty Photos 69 months ago

    Interesting video.

    I've had problems, too. I have no idea why many think the photographer is a threat. This world has gone mad.

  8. dannylondon71 66 months ago

    As a security officer myself, I can say that this bloke is a complete waste of space and should not be dealing with the public.
    No idea how to deal with people No explanation No brains.
    He makes us all look bad. Keep on taking pictures.

  9. Debbie C.B.'s 65 months ago

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called FLICKR! GOES VIDEO! VIDEO! VIDEO! VIDEO, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    hahaha to bad i didnt video the woman who hit me with her umbrella when i took her photo and demanded the film back!
    Dont take My #@!&*!@#* Picture!!

  10. the krankensteins(ready to play family feud) [deleted] 56 months ago

    i am proud of your fortitude, fuck petty authority mate!

    Hey, your image/sound/art is a mindblower and we’d love to see it in our group Visual Sound. Your image must have sound, music, or noise attached to it. Invite your friends if you would like, it’s cool and fun.

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